Diversity is Extra

Both sides are wrong. Trump-style fear mongering is divisive, but also is this romanticized championing of diversity, which is little more than an expression of collective ego over inherently superficial and coincidental cultural similarities. The answer is not to all be different separately, nor is it to all be different together, but to all be less different together – to let go of all of the nonsense that we use to define and bind us in groups, while really only creating endless ways to alienate others. Diversity is almost entirely built on lies. Where you live or were born, what you look like, your class or family name, your sports team, whatever miscellaneous bit of culture that makes you hang a little flag from your rear view mirror or get a tattoo… it’s all, at best, just novelty. Vilifying difference is no worse than virtuizing it. Prejudice is no worse than pride. We are all human animals. That’s it. The rest is just extra. Zeroism is about cutting away everything I’m not. The extra. Race, nationality, gender, sexuality, etc all only matter in a culture in which people care about them. Let’s create a culture in which they don’t matter. It can start with us.