Zeroism’s core axioms are composed of four parts:

  1. Theory: the philosophical premise.
  2. Caveat: the realistic complication.
  3. Pragmatism: the practical compromise.
  4. Affirmation: my assumed responsibility.


  1. An idea is exactly as strong as its arguments.
  2. The validity of an argument cannot always be determined.
  3. It’s usually necessary to act with imperfect information.
  4. I only believe in what’s necessary, but act according to what’s necessary.


  1. I perceive myself as thinking, therefore I must exist in some form.
  2. I perceive a reality beyond my thoughts, but it’s impossible to know if it actually exists.
  3. I am affected by my perceived reality, therefore it is significant regardless of its validity.
  4. I am alone in, and thus the sole master of, my experience.


  1. The sole inherent purpose of a living thing is to survive and thrive.
  2. Others will naturally value the quality of their own survival over mine.
  3. Cooperation can be an expedient over competition.
  4. I am responsible for securing my life and its quality through any necessary means.


  1. To allow harm is to endorse harm, and invite it upon yourself.
  2. Dispensing harm is sometimes necessary, defensively or to protect your interests.
  3. I must weigh the cost of accepting or dispensing harm.
  4. I am responsible for all harm I commit, and complicit in all harm I allow.


  1. That which brings me pleasure holds value.
  2. It is animal nature to over-seek value in both quantity and quality.
  3. Discipline is required to avoid the dangers of excess.
  4. I am the measure of all value to my existence, and am responsible for acquiring that value.

Applied Ruleset

The “10 Commandments” of Zeroism

  1. Reason dictates belief.
  2. Simplicity over complexity.
  3. Presume the validity of nothing.
  4. Pragmatism over theory.
  5. Master yourself and your environment.
  6. Compromise is an expedient.
  7. Seek pleasure.
  8. Indulge with discipline.
  9. Do no harm.
  10. Take no shit.